Creating a Retro Style Photo

Make your iPhone photos look like retro style photos with MocaDeco

1. Tap your photo

2. Select "Filters" at the bottom of the screen 

3. Apply the memory in the Retro category, and tap OK.

4. Select "Adjust" at the bottom of the screen.

5. Select "Saturation" and move slider to the left to decrease saturation.

6. Select "Fade" and move slider to the right.

7. Select "Color Fringe" and move slider to add color fringing effect.

8. Select "Vignette" and move slider to the right.

Reordering Layers

Today’s a great day to learn how the layers are reordered. 

The way to reorder layers has been changed in MocaDeco 3.0.

1. Press the layer button on the upper right corner.
2. Hold down the layer you want to move for several seconds.
3. Move up and down without lifting your finger.

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How to use Manual Camera Controls

We have released MocaDeco 1.7, update with manual camera controls & settings.

These new manual controls will give you DSLR-like control over your iPhones, enabling you to achieve better exposure and get more creative with your photography.

Manual Camera Icons

Manual Camera Icons

  • Shutter Speed : In photography, shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time a camera's shutter is open when taking a photograph. The amount of light that reaches the image sensor is proportional to the exposure time.

  • ISO : When you change your ISO setting, you're adjusting your camera's sensitivity to light. With increased sensitivity, your camera sensor can capture images in low-light environments without having to use a flash. But higher sensitivity comes at an expense – it adds grain or “noise” to the pictures.

  • White Balance(WB) : Our eyes are very good at judging what is white under different light sources, but digital cameras often have great difficulty with auto white balance. Making adjustments of WB manually can help you avoid color casts, thereby improving your photos under a wider range of lighting conditions. Lower numbers are cooler (blues), higher numbers are warmer (yellows). 

  • Manual Focus : If you moved the slider all the way to the left, which allowed you to take the close-up photography. It's possible to arbitrarily set the focus to a given value, enabling you to focus on the foreground or the background, or anywhere in between.